Monday, March 2, 2009

Goldilocks and the Three Needles

It is really sad to get so used to one brand of needle that you can't use anything else. I hand quilt with Clover 9 betweens. Only one shop here in town carries them and they have been sold out. I was trying desperately to finish the baby quilt. In desperation I tried 3 other types only to find ...

1. The eye is too big.

2. The needle is too long.

3. It breaks too easily.(one broke in 3 pieces.)
The Clover 9s are just right, small eye, short thin needle for small stitches but strong enough to not snap. So my Aunt is going home without the quilt as it is not finished. The quilt shop has them on order and when they come in I will stockpile them. Apparently they are popular.


  1. The same thing happened to me
    this week! I went to almost
    every quilt shop looking for my
    favorite applique needles which is
    John James "Straw" needles. No one
    had them! I said the same thing;
    I'm going to buy enough for my
    lifetime when I find them.

  2. If a person has experience sewing you wouldn't think the needle would be that important but it sure is.

  3. Oh.. I'm so glad you visited so I could come find your blog. :-)
    I handquilt as well.. but I never actually paid attention to what my needle is. Probably because I only have two of them.. and I gaurd them with my life. I think I just found them once with some other needles at a rummage sale.. but they are perfect. I'm going to see if I can find any of those Clover
    9's and try them.


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