Monday, March 23, 2009

Lazy, lazy,lazy

The title says it all. Sewing wise I have done very little this week. I did get a portion of the Jo Morton medallion together.

I am pleased with the way it looks. I love the blue and brown. I have to say, it has been awhile since I worked from someone else's pattern and it is nice to have all the math done for you. I also made some headway cleaning in my sewing room. For the first time in MONTHS, I have an entire cutting mat and entire ironing board to work on. It is very nice. Normally there is a small clear spot on each and often I share that space with the cat who seems to enjoy occupying the area I need. My sewing room will never be featured in any magazine article unless a little group of fairies come and work some magic.

When I design a pattern I do it on graph paper with pencil. I usually have an idea of what it will look like in my head, but that doesn't always translate into fabric. Usually I am anxious to get enough blocks sewn to see how it will look, then I can set it aside, satisfied that what I had in mind will work. I always have new ideas so I do this alot. Well, in my organizing I have found that I have 6 such projects in the works. I have worked out the pattern, chosen the fabrics, made enough blocks to see how it will look and have moved on. So, I now have to finish those 6 quilts before I can draw, plan, or sew anything else. It is really ridiculous, these patterns and samples could be finished, should be finished. Sometimes it seems the ideas come faster than I feel like moving.


  1. I love the colors for medallion! As for sewing rooms; I didn't know you were supposed to have more than a small workspace on your ironing board or cutting mat. I had my ironing board cleaned off a few weeks ago, but it didn't last.

  2. I sooo know the feeling regarding your studio, I have wool buckets that get dumped all over just looking for that right color. When starting a new design my room looks like a cyclone hit it. Love the Jo's quilt.