Monday, April 27, 2009

The Cross Stitcher

Today has been rainy and dreary the whole day. A perfect day to stay in and sew.

I have been cross stitching since I was a freshman in high school. (We won't go into how many years that has been. )I was a big fan of Paula Vaughn and all her patterns featuring quilts. I also loved the Better Homes and Gardens Cross Stitch and Country Crafts. Between my mom's collection and Ebay, I think I have them all. I made both of my boys heirloom Christmas stockings from those. (It makes me faintly ill to see those being quickly made now by you girls with your Vikings.) Then came Weeks Hand Dyed floss and I fell in love all over. I just adore the beautiful colors and the variation. I have made many patterns with the Weeks from primitive to reproduction over the past several years.

I haven't done alot of cross stitch lately as I have been so busy with my quilt design. That is when it hit me. "I should design a cross stitch sampler to match each of the applique quilt designs I am working on."

Well, the lovely folks at Weeks were more than happy to accomodate and I have begun working on the designs to match the quilts. Here is a little peak. I can't tell you how fun this is. I will post more pictures with sneak peaks as I progress.

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  1. Good Idea! I used to X-stitch but found that my time quilting showed far more results quicker. :-)