Thursday, September 3, 2009

Miss Rosie's Quilt Co.

I know you guys get tired of hearing me go on about the greatness of my guild, but.....

Our guild has a Special Speaker once a year. This is in addition to the regular meetings and is generally held in the fall. This year we hosted Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie's Quilt Co. As Vice CEO, I had the privilege of spending 2 days in her company. Carrie gave a lecture and trunk show in the evening and the next day taught a 6 hour workshop on her pattern Short Story.

Carrie is one of the nicest, most genuine people you will ever meet. And the creativity in this woman is amazing!! I am a pincushion freak, so I was thrilled to see her Fruit Salad Pincushions and get a pattern. These are the best I have seen.
The workshop was full of happy quilters and I was sad to see her go so soon.
Have I told you how great my guild is ???

Carrie asked me to photoshop 20 lbs. off her but I think she's fine just as she is.


  1. I wish I was part of your guild! You're always doing such wonderfully creative things. The guilds around me all meet during the day and since I work during the day I can't join. Thanks for sharing! Do you know you have a great guild, lol!! Cindy

  2. Wow, you really rub shoulders with some big names! Lucky!

  3. Sounds like a great time. Her patterns are so clever. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I see you're in Columbia - one of my favorite places. I'm a MU grad.

  4. Obviously I need to move to your guild! I agree...Carrie is absolutely wonderful and so giving!

  5. Thanks for becoming a follower on my blog.
    We are so close, I live in Warsaw, Missouri.
    I work at Saltbox Primitive Woolens and Fabric.
    We are just now putting quilt fabric in the shop.
    Come visit some time.


  6. I know it must have been wonderful...I was able to attend a trunk show/lecture from Carrie last March...and it was incredible!

  7. That is awesome to have Carrie come to your guild. I would love to meet her too.

  8. OMG! Sandy is making her Schnibbles pattern...gotta ktell her to come on over. hey, I am lovin' the show and tell here! Woo-Hoo!