Monday, May 10, 2010

Block 9 Trumpet Vine

Here we are on Block 9. One more block and then we do our setting and the appliqued borders. This block uses a 1/4" bias stem and the berries are very casually placed. Remember that all blocks are set on point and finish at
12". Be sure to post your block photos on the flickr page. The link is on the side bar.
Happy Quilting, Dawn
Nancy in In. I can't email you because you are a No Reply Blogger. I don't know what the problem is as I have no connection with Facebook and the download has been working fine. If you send me your email address, I will send you the templates in a pdf.


  1. Love the block, Dawn! Thanks! Looking forward to the border.

    Billie =-)

  2. I could not download except to be posted on Facebook. I don't want this. I was able to do 8 today and it didn't require Facebook. What do I need to do? The appliques are super.
    Nancy in IN

  3. Love the block! Cannot wait until they all come together! You are very generous with your creativity!

  4. Dawn, I could not download this without joing Facebook which I do not want to do. Is there another way to download this? I was able to do so up to this point! What changed?? Love the blocks!

  5. Dawn I couldn't see the pieces. They are so light and only half of them came out. Can you help me
    Nonnie in Ohio

  6. I love your blocks. I've been following along... with difficulty as a couple others have commented. Could there be another way to post your PDF's without going thru the wringer with SCRIBD? Yes, now they want you to join facebook before you download, but there is a click to make to bypass that. Thank heaven I found it! :-)

  7. Oh I like this block! I was behind by 3 blocks ! Now am catching up.
    Thanks again Dawn for the BOM !

  8. FYI - scribd now charges for downloading this item. $5 for 24 hours and $9 for 1 month membership for 'archive' items. On July 25, I was able to download all previous blocks. However, today I cannot download this one without paying.