Sunday, November 21, 2010

Basket Quilts

Baskets- it seems like quilters have had a love of baskets as long as they have quilts. Baskets have been used as design elements in quilting almost from the beginning. Wholecloth quilts often boasted basket designs. Broderie perse quilts were often built around a central motif of flowers in a basket. The earliest, dated, pieced basket quilt is from 1855. The basket design is as varied as the quilters who make it. It can be very primitive to very realistic, pieced or appliqued. Filled with fruit or flowers or empty.

I have loved basket quilts since before I actually started making quilts myself. My latest layer cake pattern with The Star is a basket quilt called "Carsley".

It is made using a layer cake. No additional fabric is required. I used "Wild Rose" by Blackbird Designs. The little baskets are all applique- 2 pieces. The blocks are 4 1/2" finished and are set in a trip around the world setting with a scrappy border. This quilt would also make a great stash buster if you didn't want to use a layer cake. It would also be super easy to enlarge.

It is available now for purchase in my Big Cartel store. Just click the link on the sidebar.

Happy Quilting,Dawn


  1. Love that fabric line and baskets are always winning!!! I've got one that I'm working on now and received a wonderful gift that I posted the other day.

  2. I love those baskets! Do you think the pattern could be altered to set them on point?

  3. Love this pattern, Dawn. I've ordered it from you and will be anxiously waiting it's arrival.

    I have an older layer cake I'm planning to use. :-)