Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Houston Fall Market Pt.1

Last Friday, I headed to the Kansas City airport to make my way to Houston for Fall Quilt Market. My longtime friend Angi left her home in Nebraska and we met at the airport. This is a night shot outside our hotel. We must have walked a million miles not only in market but throught downtown Houston. It was awesome and awe inspiring. All that talent under one roof. I don't know how shop owners choose. I wanted it all!

This is the park across from the convention center. The weather was fantastic. Ready to head inside?The Kansas City Star did an awesome job as always. Here is a shot of my newest layer cake pattern, "Carsley". It finished just in time for Market. To the right is Cafe Au Lait by Edie McGinnis and Aurelia's Journey from Homestead Hearth.

A shot of my quilts from Cottage Charm.
These are some of the quilts from Lynda Hall, Maggie Bononomi and the "Across the Wide Missouri"BOM.

Next is a shot of the always fabulous Blackbird Designs booth. I wanted to move in. Alma was in the booth but stepped out of the photo. Wonder if I scared her with my adulation?

This next shot is Polly of Minnick and Simpson. They were showing their new line of fabric and patterns. Super cute. Super nice.

Here is my quilt "Selene" in the United Notions booth. They are now carrying all three of my self published patterns. Yippee!

Here is the booth of Homestead Hearth. They are from just about 30 min. from where I live. Their store is a fav. Sue was in the booth but she stepped out of the shot too.

Here we have Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie's Quilt Co. I met Carrie a couple of years ago. She is a fantastic person. You should have seen the line of people at her book signing. Wow!

I have known Jacquelynne of "The Noble Wife" for about 2 years now but we had never met in person until Market. Jacquelynne has a new line of fabric and patterns to go with it and is also working on a book with the KC Star. Talk about multi-tasking.

This is Jill Finley. She has a new book with the KC Star also. She is holding her "to die for, cute" portfolio pattern. One is on it's way to me. I can't wait for it to get here. Her booth was fresh and gorgeous.

So, are you tired of Market photos? Hope not because I have more coming. Stay tuned.


  1. Dawn---wish I could be there with you. I am really excited for your success. Today I am working on your BOM. I really like hand applique----a real surprise for me. Marilyn Smith

  2. Tired of Market pictures?? NO WAY!! I live vicariously through the pictures every one is posting - it's been wonderful! Congratulations on your success also - it's so fun to see your growth :)

  3. NEVER...I can't wait for Part 2!! See you tomorrow...I hope!!
    PS Congrats on so many booths having your patterns...what a thrill!! You deserve all the accolades as your quilts are gorgeous!! Well done!

  4. The quilts are fantastic. Thanks so much for posting them. I don't think that we're going to get tired of seeing them.

    I love that one quilt from Homestead Hearth. I think I have to have it!!

  5. No, I'll never get tired of pictures from market!!! I love your new patterns.

  6. Thanks for sharing...next best thing to being there! I tend to get on overload when I go to things like this, but I settle down and enjoy all of it! It's great to see your patterns in so many booths...yeah!

  7. Thanks for so many great pics, it's a delight for those of who only dream of Market!

  8. Your pics of Houston were awesome! Great eye candy!

  9. wow so many beautiful quilts! My friend and I hope to go next year to the show!

    Is the quilt with a rabbit in each corner one of yours in your book?

  10. Well DUH I see now it is your quilt, its on the cover of your book I see now...

  11. Your quilts looks wonderful!
    thanks for sharing these wonderful market photos - I'll get there one day.

  12. Dawn, I so enjoyed finally getting to meet you in person. Shall we make a standing appointment to meet up at every Market????

  13. What a treat to see your pictures from Houston. I went to Houston once--but it's a very long bus ride from Iowa. I really admire your work.

  14. Dawn, The pictures of Market and your comments were just great to see and read. Made me feel like I was 'almost there' too. I LOVE your patterns. Have just finished Creve Coeur (the top) and am starting Patriot. I intend to extend Patriot to make it a large quilt that will be a "Quilt of Valor" and given to a veteran. Would love to start on Selene, but have a few too many projects 'in the hopper' at the moment ... soon.


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