Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Aunt Minnie's Melons

The blog posts are getting fewer and fewer as I get busier and busier. There are 10 week til Market. I have 10 patterns to get the samples made for, patterns written and printed. That doesn't even touch the magazine work, classes or real life stuff I have to do. So please be patient.

Thought I would share the next layer cake quilt with you. It is called Aunt Minnie's Melons and is of course a melon quilt. I love this quilt! The melons are a little "chubbier" than the standard melon which makes for easy stitching. This goes together quickly. The fabric is Antique Fair by Blackbird Designs. I am crazy about this line. It has a soft, vintage feel. The little melon blocks are 4 1/2" finished and the quilt is 40" x 40". It is made with just a layer cake, no additional yardage. The pattern covers are at the printer. I will post in the store as soon I get them back.

I also finished the edits for the KC Star pattern. I don't have my copies yet so this is just a pre- corrected cover but you get the idea. When I get my copies and the quilt returns I will post some photos so you can really get a good look. It is a really pretty quilt. This is the one made from Buttercup, that I gave you a sneak peak of a while back.

So- that is all I have for you now. I'll be back soon with the next block for the BOM.

Happy Quilting, Dawn


  1. It must be hard to get ready for all that you have to do. I'm pulling for ya!

    That quilt is gorgeous! I love the design and the fabrics!

  2. Love the fatter melons! Anything that is easier that still looks wonderful. BTW, thanks for the wool order!

    ps. My sweet granny's name was minnie. Don't see that pop up too often.

  3. Fatter melons are wonderful! Sounds like you are VERY busy!!

  4. Your new pattern looks so pretty...just in time for Spring!

  5. The new quilt is gorgeous! I just love it. I am also loving that Antique Fair.

  6. Oh, they are both so pretty. I can only imagine how busy you must be.

  7. Love these patterns, Dawn, especially the Aunt Minnie's Melons. What a beautiful color palette. Sorry I'm just now commenting on it. I've been remiss in my blog hopping due to a bunch of work deadlines. I'm sure you can relate!