Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Show and Tell

I love it when I get photos of the quilts you guys make from my patterns. So, I thought I would share with everyone.
Debra has been working on the "In My Garden" quilt from Cottage Charm.

I love the fabric she chose for her bunny. You can find her blog HERE.

These next photos are from Barb Taylor. She made French Wrens and Creve Coeur. They are gorgeous!

She hand quilted French Wrens and if you look closely at Creve Coeur you can see the rooster quilting pattern.

Keep sending in the photos!

Happy Quilting, Dawn


  1. Those are beautiful. Oh the talent of some quilters!

  2. Thanks, Dawn, for the compliment! And I love your pattern - great to work with those bunnies!!

  3. How fun to see your patterns come to life through other quilters! I absolutely love the bunny!!!

  4. Thanks for showing the quilts of your pattern. So nice when people like your work!!

  5. ewww so pretty! My next book is Cottage Charm. I must have that rabbit quilt! :O)

  6. These are fun. As a designer, it must be rewarding to see what your quilts inspired.


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