Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hartfield Block 6

Here we are on month 6 already!! I don't know where the time goes but it sure keeps going. This month we are piecing and since December is so busy for everyone, we'll keep it simple. We are making 9- patch blocks. You are going to make 4 blocks and join them to
form a row.
Also, here is a photo of how you will join three of the previous months.

The photo is not great because my quilt is further along and I don't want you to see too far in advance. It would ruin the mystery. Block 1 is on the left and joined to the pieced units from month 4. The applique on the right is month 3. Just a little heads up- the 9patch row will be positioned below these blocks. The 9 patch row is longer than these blocks because there will be more blocks added to row. Here is your link.

I was going to post a photo of my Christmas tree but.......
We decided to do a green tree this year instead of the retro aluminum. It is prelit with white lights and I used red, navy and pearl white ornaments. It looked so good until-
Remember her. Well our tree is now decorated with prelit white lights and ONE red ornament. Not kidding. She climbed the tree while we were gone and pulled off EVERY single ornament except one red one at the top. I am leaving it like that until everyone comes over for Christmas, then I will redo it.
Happy Quilting, Dawn


  1. She was helping you decorate. She likes the minimalist look - the Charlie Brown tree.

  2. Thank goodness my kitty has outgrown the Christmas tree but she has been known to swat at the lowest ornaments out of sheer boredom. The dogs on the other hand ......

    Thanks for the block and keeping it simple this month! LOL Can't wait to see this finished.

  3. Thank you for the next block!

    Sorry about your tree. But we gotta love our furry little friends. They keep us hoppin'!

    Merry Christmas,

  4. Aren't kitties just SO helpful? A few years ago with our last kitty who sat so focused on each and every ornament we hung on the tree evidentially thought we were hanging toys for him. He played all night long I guess since the next morning we woke and not only were those ornaments all over the house including rooms where he HAD to have picked them up and taken them there BUT, our tree was flat on the floor. ugh. Little stinker.

    Thank you for the next block.
    I'm angry with myself because I forgot to go back later in the day to see if block 5 had gone up yet. :( darn.

  5. I just have to laugh. I just put our tree up this morning. Puss has already made some moves, but scoots behind the couch when she sees me or I say her name. I'll be interested to see Peanut's reaction to the new additon in the living room when she comes in from outside. The joys of cats and trees!

  6. Oh how destructive they can be, she looks so guilty in the picture.
    We had a cat very much like her that used to sleep in the branches of the xmas tree.

  7. Oh my gosh - sounds like my Christmas trees. Took me forever to decorate, because the cats were un-decorating just as fast as I was decorating. Now, I've just given up. By Christmas my trees will be bare, none of the lights will work and the tree will be leaning precariously to one side!

  8. We had a cat who would pluck to ornaments off the tree one by one and take them to her "secret lair" (the guest room). She had gotten quite a few before we caught her at it. They were glass, but she did not break a single one.
    Pets sure make our lives interesting!

  9. Hi Dawn,
    sorry to bother you but I am working on block 6 and I am confused because your drawing is different that the photo on your post.
    Do we want the blocks to look like the photo or does it matter?
    I want mine to look right when placed in the quilt.
    Thanks for your help.