Monday, January 16, 2012

Hartfield Block 7 - A Day Late

Holy Cow! I totally lost track of the days and did not post the new block. I was here in the studio working all day yesterday and could have posted but I just didn't realize the date. I don't know how we have flown through half of January already.
 Without further ado- here we are on month 7. We are doing applique this month and we will actually make two blocks. They are small and fast. Each block finishes at 9" and the placement on these is whimsical. Don't stress over where the leaves go and the stems do not have to be the exact same on both blocks. You can see that my blocks are not the exact same and I prefer them that way for this quilt. This quilt has a very casual feel to it. Keep it fun! Also I wanted to share a photo of Carrie P.'s  Hartfield blocks.
Carrie is an applique phenom. Be sure to check out her blog HERE. I love the cheery colors she used. It is so fun to see the different colorways you all use!
 HERE is your link for the pattern.
Happy Quilting, Dawn


  1. I've been watching Carrie's progress as her applique is awesome!! Thanks for another wonderful block!!

  2. Well worth the wait Dawn. Love this block. Downloaded & off to check out Carries blog. Thanks much.

  3. Thanks so much for that kind compliment. I have really been enjoying making the blocks. Off to start the two new ones.