Friday, January 6, 2012

Why Women Quilt

Last night our guild met for our annual Service Project night and I was reminded of one of the greatest reasons women quilt. For the social aspect. Our guild like most, makes charity quilts for various organizations. Last night was our meeting. We all brought food for a potluck and sat to share a meal. Then the work began, if  you can really call it work. We had tables set up around the room and we broke into groups of around 5 to tie the quilt tops that were ready to go. I can't tell you how enjoyable this evening was. We all worked together to transform these tops into quilts to be given to someone in their time of need all the while  laughing, sharing and connecting with each other. Quilting brings people together and forges a bond. I am thankful for all my quilting friends. I have come to know so many wonderful people that I might never have met if not for our shared love of quilting.
Happy Quilting, 


  1. I totally agree. My quilting friends are at the top of my list. Love the photo!

  2. Yes, I agree. My quilting friends are my best friends. There are many of you out there and I appreciate all of you.

  3. Stumbled upon your blog today somehow. I am always browsing the Internet. I like what you said about how quilters make incredible friends. I took up quilting in 1980 and has live moved us about this country, I always knew I would have instant new friends wherever we moved! Maybe when my Quilt Shed gets done and I can get to my sewing machine again, I'll start quilting again? Well, I won't hold my breath. I think I love research and writing too much though I have begun to do some applique again because I can carry it with me when I travel with my husband to jazz events. Please do stop by and see my quilt history blogs. Everyone who writes a quilting blog today is adding to Quilt History! Just google for starters. But there is a lot more than that to explore! Hope you make lots more quilts in the New Year! Karen A.

  4. oops. forgot my blog is called Quilt History Reports.

  5. OMGosh! That photo is great! Since there were 5 of us working the quilt last night, who is who? Too funny!

    It was a great night and except for a couple of needle stabs, it was relatively injury free!

    Good times!

  6. It is wonderful when we get together to quilt, isn't it? I just love it :)


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