Thursday, January 26, 2012


Wow! You guys amaze me. I am blown away at the number of you who took the time to comment. I read every comment and appreciate the feedback. As an author it is important to know what people want to see when they are looking for a book. I am glad to see that the biggest majority of you buy from quilt shops, whether brick and mortar or online. My books are published by KC Star and they do not distribute to places like Joann's or Hobby Lobby. Looks like I am safe since we are in shops and Amazon. Seems like a lot of you go to Amazon! I thought I would post a photo of the whole spring quilt "April Showers" since I have had some emails about it. Isn't it fun?
Now to the part you have been waiting for - the winner. I used a random number generator to keep things totally fair and the winner is Lori- Beyond The Cherry Tree. She said this ---I buy most my books on Amazon

2--What can I learn from it? Does it have history and tips as well as patterns? (I like vintage quilt patterns) Do the quilts come in different sizes.

Lori send me your address and I will drop your book the mail. 
Thanks again to all who followed along. 

Happy Quilting, Dawn


  1. Wow, that quilt is fantastic. It really makes me want a good "spring" rain or a day at the beach.
    Congratulations to your winner.

  2. Congrats to your winner!! had alot of entries!!!!

  3. This quilt is stunning. Congrats to Lori.

  4. I really love this quilt! I would not have thought of that color combination for spring, but it's wonderful! I would not change a thing.

  5. Congrats to the winner!
    Your umbrella quilt looks lovely!