Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Tool's Day

Lissa Alexander of Moda Fabrics is has a blog post today titled April Tool's Day. She contacted several quilters, myself included, and asked what tool or tools could we not live without. She has a long list of  each quilter's tool and why they can't live without it. Head on over and check it out. HERE is the link.

Can you believe all these posts from me? It is because I have so many deadlines that are nearly impossible to make, so I am ignoring them. Smart huh?
Happy Quilting, Dawn


  1. I love the Mary Ellen's!! Definitely a good tool to have in our quilting rooms. As for deadlines...thanks for the chuckle. Been in your shoes and avoidance is sometimes a good thing :-)

  2. Yes I am now a best press fan after taking your Vicksburg, aplique class in Jeff City. It sits on my ironing board. Now my daughter who works at a Kansas City, advertizing firm uses it to press her clothes on those days that she has to look her best.