Sunday, April 7, 2013

Breaking Down Baltimore Folk Album

My Baltimore Folk Album pattern started shipping to stores last June. It has been a popular pattern and many shops are using as a BOM. This is fantastic! However, it seems that there are a large group of quilters out there who really love the pattern but think it is either too hard or will take too long. Well, this post is for you!
When I designed this quilt the idea was to create a Baltimore Album style quilt that would be "do-able" for most people. Every block is a block that would be in a Baltimore Album quilt but much simpler. I do mean much simpler, I drew the blocks folks. The blocks finish at 9 1/2" and do not have lots of layers.The pieces have been given a folk art feel. That means that they are much easier to stitch. 
When I started the original quilt I also envisioned it in wool. I only had time to stitch one version and so I chose to go with cotton using the needleturn method. The lovely folks at Moda had sent me the Comfort- Collection for a Cause line and I am always a sucker for their Collection for Cause fabrics so that is the route I went with. I think the fabric makes it look a little more elaborate than it is. It is very scrappy because I used the entire line. This really adds a lot of "busy-ness" to the quilt. 
So I decided to take the time to make a wool version to show you how simple it really is.
This is the exact same quilt made from wool on cotton. Much simpler look? I think so. The wool is very graphic and to your eye it reads as a solid which makes the lines of the pieces easier to see. 
Any quilt is only as hard as it's individual pieces. Break it down one block at a time. Don't sell yourself short by assuming that something is too hard. This block is probably the most complex of any of the blocks. You can cut and stitch a block in an afternoon using wool. Seriously! There are 25 blocks not counting the borders so in 25 days of stitching, you can have your quilt center stitched. Easy peasy.
The top has not been quilted so the photos are kinda wonky but you get the jist of what they look like.
 Easy little ship block. 
Now doesn't that look like fun??
Happy  Quilting,


  1. What great quilts! So amazing how different they look. Both are wonderful!

  2. Wow!
    thanks for designing this for us, I will watch for the pattern!
    take care, Leslie

  3. They look beautiful! I really like the wool version. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love this quilt. I just ordered the pattern from you along with another and a book. You design such fantastic quilt. Hugs

  5. Great post, Dawn! And wow—your design looks as stunning in wool as it does in cotton! The wool really does create a different look! Loved seeing the contrast between the two quilts.

  6. Yes, Kimber they really do look different. I don't normally make the same quilt twice but this was alot of fun. It had such a different look and went together so quickly.