Monday, April 22, 2013


I am packing up the car to head to Paducah. I am vending there for the first time. Believe it or not this is my first time attending the show in Paducah and I am really excited to go. My booth is #4621 and I am in the pavilion  If you go the show be sure to stop and say hi! The great thing about shows like this is you get to meet so many great people. 
I am driving down and setting up by myself. I will also be manning the booth alone on Wednesday and Thursday. It may make for an interesting day trying to figure out potty breaks! I have two longtime friends coming in Thursday night who will help on Fri. and Sat as well as take down.
I have a 4 new wool patterns that are coming out for Spring. Two of them are ready now.
This is the first. It is wool on wool. Both of these patterns are adaptations of antique designs. I think they look great in wool!
This one is also wool on wool and I absolutely love it. It is going on my antique dresser in the foyer. I love the old robin's egg blue wool for the background. 
I will have the other 2 patterns ready after I return. If anyone orders any patterns this week they will ship out next Monday. 
Happy Quilting,


  1. Wish I could go but I'm headed out to a retreat on Thursday. The samples turned out great! I'll order the patterns when you/I get back home!

  2. Have fun in Paducah, Dawn! I'm sure your patterns will be a big hit! I'm smitten with your new designs. They are gorgeous just like everything you do.

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  4. I was just stopping by to catch up with you... can't wait to hear about your Paducah adventure!