Monday, October 20, 2014

Market Prep and A Photo Shoot

I leave for Fall Quilt Market on Thursday- super early in the morning. I have been running around like crazy these last few days tying up loose ends and getting ready to go. This is a picture of the new quilts hanging on the rack patiently waiting to make their debut. I am pretty excited to show the new designs. I will have 3 largish applique quilts. One wool on cotton, one wool and cotton on cotton and one cotton on cotton. I have a new pieced pattern, two layer cake patterns, a dresser scarf pattern and for those of you have emailed me- Somerset will be available as a complete pattern. If you are heading to market, I will be in Booth #2052 and doing a book signing Saturday in the Star booth. Also be sure to check out my Schoolhouse sessions for Linen Closet Designs and Kansas City Star on Friday.

Yesterday I took a welcome break from the rush and welcomed Quiltmania into my house. Carol Veillon and Guy, the awesome photographer, came to do a shoot for the Quilts and Enchanting Homes feature in the regular issues of Quiltmania. These are my photos and are no where near the quality of what they do but just gives you an idea of our house layout. 

It was a lot of fun and I feel honored to be featured.  Our house is nothing fancy but I certainly have no shortage of quilts. I have been traveling a lot and it was nice to have all the quilts back up.

The house feels kind of bare when they are all packed up for trunkshows. Quiltmania took many more shots than the rough photos I have here but you get an idea.  The feature should be in the spring- possibly the March issue. 
So, that is really all I have to share until Market when I can finally show you all I have been working on. I just wanted to stop in for a minute so you didn't think I had given up the blog. 
Now back to packaging patterns!
Happy Quilting, 


  1. Your new quilts look just beautiful! I can't wait to see them in patterns. Congratulations on your Quiltmania photo shoot!!

  2. Best of luck at Quilt Market. The quilts look gorgeous and congrats on being featured in Quiltmania!

  3. Congratulations on being featured, your quilts look beautiful and I like the way you have displayed them throughout the house.


  4. Looking forward to the Quilt Mania issue ! Congratulations.!!!