Thursday, February 11, 2016

Basic Materials for Little Wooly Baskets

Okay, I have had several questions regarding the wool I am using on the baskets so I thought I would give a quick run down of the materials I am using.
The blocks are only 6" so most of the applique can be done from scraps and bits which is what I am doing. I am making all the baskets from a bundle pictured above. The colors are a little softer than the photo above shows. Soft, dull yellow and gray. Keeping all the baskets in the same family gives continuity and lets me be super scrappy in the hues used in the rest of the applique. The bundle is called Buttermilk Texture Bundle and is from Primitive Gatherings. I love these texture bundles! I buy these a lot at market in various color families.
My background fabric is  Rustic Homespuns2 from Diamond Textiles. These come in different textures/colors and really add a lot to your project. I chose a dark grey with a stripe. You only need a half yard to make your quilt top. The stripe lets me create interest using one fabric by orienting the stripes in different directions from block to block. I get mine from Homestead Hearth.
I do my stitching with Valdani threads. For my wool applique I use the 3-strand floss. It comes in a cute little ball and is 3 - strands versus the standard six. I find it easier to separate the strands than a lot of floss. I tend to stitch with 2 strands but if I am doing little detail work I can use 1 strand and if I am doing a large piece that needs a heavier thread, 3 strands is perfect. The floss is variegated which means one ball will mix nicely with several different shades of wool. And it's colorfast. And of course points for being in the cool little ball. This is also what I use for punch needle. The colors I am using for Little Wooly Baskets are:
Red- 0510- Terracotta Twist
Green- H202 Withered Green Heirloom Collection
Gray- 135 Beaver Gray Dark
Gold-  P5 Tarnished Gold- Vintage
Yellow (baskets)- JP1 Sunwashed Muddy Monet or JP8 Spring Leaves ( I know this has green in it but it works.)
Pink- JP5 Nantucket Rose 

So, gather your supplies. The patterns will launch on Monday, February 15 with a link here on the blog. 
Happy Quilting, Dawn


  1. Those are beautiful wools and threads, I have a stash so will use what I have.
    Keeping busy this year has been good for me and fun to have projects to work on that i can have a beautiful quilt, afterwards.


  2. Beautiful! I'm in and so looking forward to it......thanks so much, beautiful Dawn!

  3. Hi Dawn. Will the small wool bundle be enough?

    1. The small bundle should be enough. You get 8 pieces that measure 6" x 8".

  4. Are the blocks cut 6 inch BEFORE stitching or to FINISH at 6 inches? Thank you. I have my background fabric already. YEAH

  5. Are the blocks cut 6 inch BEFORE stitching or to FINISH at 6 inches? Thank you. I have my background fabric already. YEAH

  6. I've just started on wool applique and got my first order of wool felt in the mail this week. Have been wondering what to make with it and these cute little baskets are just the thing! Thanks so much for the free patterns.

  7. I was having trouble placing an order online at Primitive Gatherings (turned out it was user error . . . oops). Anyway, I called and they were so helpful! They actually have everything needed for this BOM . . . my first wool adventure. My package arrived yesterday. I can't wait to get started.

    1. I am so glad you got your loot! I would expect nothing less of Primitive Gatherings.


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