Thursday, October 11, 2018

It's a Chilly but Splendid Thursday

Hello fellow quilters! It's a little chilly here in Missouri so this week's block will send warm vibes your way. This is Fashionable Pineapple by Jane Davidson. I love pineapples, both the fruit and the motif. 
The original block looks a bit different from mine.
Jane used reverse applique and made all those little squares on hers. That is just a bit too fiddly for me. These are 6" blocks so the pieces are small. I tend to favor 18" blocks with chunky pieces so I chose a big floral print to dress up my pineapple and skipped the tiny squares. Also, I just finished a quilt with pineapples of my own design that will be making it's debut next summer in a magazine near you. I can't show you that quilt or they'll have my head so here is Waverly. 
I love this quilt! It's from my book From The Linen Closet- lots of pineapples. So that it is all for now, you can get your block at I will be here next week with a block and then I will be missing for two weeks as I am headed to Thailand for vacation so you will have to wait on me. Sorry!
Happy Quilting,

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