Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dear Jane, I have deadlines

I belong to a Dear Jane group. I love the group,we have lots of fun and great conversation. We meet once a month and today is our meeting. I don't know if I am going to go today or not.It has been so long since I worked on the quilt that I am almost ashamed. I was doing well and then I had to buckle down and concentrate on the projects and writing for my book. Now I feel a little out of the loop.I only have 5 more rows to go and I have several of the blocks made for those rows. I am not going to sew the triangles on the outer border. I am going to make an applique border instead. If I were to get busy I could really finish the quilt in a decent amount of time.

However....I am still addicted to making the little blocks from the Fresh Air fabric. They are so fast to make and I love working with the fabric. It is a change from my usual choices. And in my defense they are for one of the quilts for a new book proposal.
I have been doing well at working only on things for my book proposal and class samples. That in itself is a minor miracle. I always seem to have another idea that needs to be started. I think I may a little ADD among other things. It's a good thing I have deadlines to keep me focused.
And as for the Dear Jane group today, I will probably go and take something besides my DJ quilt to work on. I can't hardly stand to miss out on the socializing,even if I am working on something else.


  1. Dawn, your photo looks great! DJ would be very proud of your blocks! They are wonderful!

  2. love the DJ quilt! i am like you. lots of ideas but i have such a hard time staying focused!

  3. I love your DJ! I just started one, well almost. I resisted for a long time, but now I'm a regular Janiac! Don't worry, Jane is patient, she'll wait for your deadlines! Glad I stumbled on your blog.

  4. Your DJ is so beautiful. You have come too far to not finish it. Quilters are very nice people...we certainly understand a project in "time out"!

  5. Love your DJ. I started making DJ blocks last Fall. Just one block a week. Your new project looks like fun.

  6. I love the dj but also love the other little blocks. They look like a lot of fun. Great Colors!