Thursday, February 5, 2009

What I should be doing..

What I should be doing and what I actually get done today may be two very different things. I have new applique classes coming up. The first is a beginning hand applique class. I designed this pillow for the class sample and it is ready to go. The second class is an advanced applique class and as you can see I have yet to finish quilting the sample. All I have left to do is quilt the border and put on the binding. You would think being that close to finishing would inspire me to get to work.....however I have started piecing the new pattern with the Fresh Air fabrics and let's just say I don't want to do anything else.
I really love hand applique. You can create so many things you couldn't with piecing alone.I also love the portability, I can work on my projects anywhere. On the other hand there is something to be said about the instant gratification of quickly piecing these cute little blocks on my machine. I originally thought I would need 399-4" blocks, but I think I am going to have to refigure and make a few more than I thought. So, we'll see what I get done today. A nap would be nice also.

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