Monday, April 13, 2009

A New Week

I hope everyone had a nice Easter. We had a very nice quiet day. Often I have to cook and clean for company, but this year it was just us and for our dinner we barbecued. Sounds odd, I am sure but it was very nice and relaxing. I did make the required deviled eggs.

This week has been fairly productive. I remade the sample that had been ruined with the dye. I used fabric I had on my shelf and I think it turned out nice. This is a very fast quilt to make. It is made from Block 4 in my book. The block is very simple, but when you alternate the placement you get stars as a secondary pattern. This is definitely a "done in a weekend" quilt with a little more complex appearance. It goes to the quilter tomorrow. I also made this table runner, it is made from Block 10. This is super fast. The cutting directions for the geese units allow more head room so you can quickly piece lots of geese without fear of cutting off their heads. This was cut, pieced, basted and the big stitch quilting half finished in an afternoon. It measures 19x 49.
Thursday, my quilt history group met and we have decided to do a Civil War Diary block exchange. Each of us chooses 6 blocks from the Civil War Diary quilt book to make. Then every other month you make 8 of your first block, meet and exchange blocks. You go home with 8 different blocks. The next time you make 8 of your second block choice, meet and exchange. So when you finish you have 48 blocks (not counting your own). I think it will be alot of fun.
And on Friday....I got my package from Mary at Quilt Hollow! I was very excited to open it. I am hoping to finish up with everything I HAVE to do this week so I can get started on the wool tote. Let me tell you this was a very nice wool bundle and pattern. She is very generous, many thanks to Mary.
Saturday, I taught pt.1 of a beginner applique class. It was alot of fun and I think the ladies came away with some confidence. We finish the class this Saturday. So, that pretty well covers my week, now to see what this week will hold.


  1. Hi Dawn ~ Happy Easter to you too! The quilts look awesome I really like the colors. The block exchange sounds super fun, what a great way to end up with a really scrapy quilt. Show us some blocks when you get them done. Happy Monday!


  2. Your welcome.....have fun with it. Looking forward to seeing how the quilter does your quilt. Lovely big stitch!

  3. Barbeque on Easter- sounds yummy and relaxing! We did the big family dinner, but luckily it was not my turn to host so I didn't have to clean the house!
    Love those quick quilts!!!