Tuesday, April 7, 2009


This post is about pink. That's right pink. First I am tickled pink to find I won the wool giveaway from Mary at Quilt Hollow. Can you believe it?? I never win anything.

The second thing pink is this Huge Pink House quilt.This is a Blackbird Design pattern. I started it ages ago. I found it yesterday in the bottom of a

basket. I had finished every block except the vase on the left and the missing bird block on the left. In only a few hours the blocks will finished and ready to put together.Why would I put a project away with so little left to do???? The photos aren't the best as the blocks are on the design wall but you get the jist of it and you can see how small that missing block is. Anyway, I will finish it in the next couple of days and have another top finished.

The third thing pink is... I love pink fabric, florals, checks, paisleys you name it. But, I almost always, always dye over them with tan.(except pink house quilt, it needed to be a little bright.) I like my pinks to look a little aged and subdued. The marvels at Moda do a nice job with subdued pinks but I still overdye them. I have been doing this forever. The pink fabrics in my book are overdyed. As a matter of fact, there is a little section in the book on this. This being said you would think dying fabric would be a no-brainer. Or would you? I made this sample to show what you can make with one of the pieced blocks from the main quilt in my book. Well, when I went to dye the top, I had a Great Dane lying under my feet and a man over my shoulder asking what was wrong with the water in the washer. (Duh, it's dye.) As you can see I got a little heavy handed. You really can't see the patterns anymore. In person the fabric really does look nice, very vintage but you just lose the pattern. So this top will be for me at home and I have already cut out another version. I will post a photo of the new one so you can see what it should actually look like.
If only someone would make a line of tans and tanned pinks I would be in heaven.


  1. I took love these older color pastels.....*sigh*....needed a girl in the family so I could justify it all!

  2. Congrats on the win!!! I love that big PINK house quilt..so wonderful. Thanks for visiting my blog and nice to find you!

  3. I just scrolled down your blog and read about your book....how exciting! And I am hot on ordering it! Congratulations again :-)!!

  4. LOVE the quilt blocks- I love all of the designs from Blackbird Designs.
    Tan-ish pinks are my favorite too- love that Moda!


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