Monday, October 26, 2009

Block 3 Stars

Okay girls, here you go. I have had many requests to get this block ready for you and here it is. This month will be the only month of piecing. You will make 4 variable star blocks. I have shown where, in relation to the eagle, they will go. Don't sew them together yet as there will be sashing. The link will take you to the directions for cutting and a diagram to show how to put together. Happy Sewing. Make sure to post your pictures on the flickr page for everyone to see. The link is on the sidebar. Remember all blocks finish at 12". If you haven't joined Pat Sloan's quiltmashup forum do it now. If you downloaded or read the pattern yesterday there was an error. The red center squares should be cut at 4 1/2". The instructions have now been corrected. Sorry, that's why I have an editor.


  1. yay! a pieced block! I just did applique for the first time today on my gobble gobble project, need to sew it there any way you can mail this to me too? (I got the first two months from you) I can wait if needed, or I can try to come up with something!

    I won some fabric from and am going to use that for this =)

  2. the forum is at,

    come join Dawn and the gang to chat about her quilts!

  3. I love the background fabric you're using. It really sets off the blocks!

  4. Hi Dawn,
    I finished my first block, the eagle and posted it to the Flickr group. I am going to do all the applique blocks in wool. Thanks for this lovely project!

  5. I'm still watching these fantastic blocks....rather than typing I should be making one right? Tee Hee Hey..congrats on your $100 gift certificate win too! Your a lucky gal indeed!!!

  6. I was wondering why I did not have pattern for your Block 3 Stars.
    I tried again today to download it on Scrib and was unable to do so....any reason why I can't seem to get it to download.

    All the other patterns have downloaded for me fine......although they are all rather large in size (like 13MB).

  7. Darn! Day late and a dollar short. I found this and thought it would make a great Civil War tribute for the sesquicentennial of the start of the war. But the patterns are all deleted. I will have to see if I can draw them up myself from the pictures. Thank you for designing it.


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