Monday, November 9, 2009

Deb Rowden

Thursday night was my guild meeting and Deb Rowden was our speaker. Deb is a wonderful speaker, very warm and always a smile on her face. She has spoken at our guild before and is a favorite. Needless to say she pulled quite a crowd. Deb is an editor for the KC Star books as well as an author. Her latest book, Making Memories, was the focus of her presentation. She brought many quilts with her and sparked alot of ideas. This quilt has an inked date of 1848.
This is a friendship quilt from her time in Germany. The little glitzy quilt below was made by Barbara Brackman as a mourning quilt when she lost her dog, Lexie.
I thought these gloves were darling.

The book is called Making Memories and her blog is


  1. What neat pictures of those quilts and the quilts themselves are sooo pretty--glad you had a great time!
    take care--hugs, Di

  2. Thanks for sharing your guild events and photos. I live in a tiny town to far from a guild to attend so I enjoy seeing and hearing about yours and others very much.

  3. Oh my gosh Dawn, I have your book! I just love it!!Great Blog, Hugs, Mary

  4. I met Deb at Quilt Market in Houston last month- she is a very warm and nice person. You are so lucky to have had her at your guild meeting!

  5. Beautiful quilts! I LOVE the one with the....25-patch squares?....picture is a little too small to be certain. Anyone have any idea what pattern this is?

  6. In response to Anonymous the pattern is Trip Around the World. They are just small versions.


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