Sunday, February 28, 2010

Southern Rose Block 7

When I start getting emails about the blog, I know I have been way lax in posting. Between a move, pattern deadline, and large deadlines looming on the new book, two kids birthdays.... You get the picture, I don't know where February went. Here is the new block for March. It is a pretty easy block, just keep a couple of things in mind:
1. 12" finished, set on point
2. When you layer your large petals, they don't touch. They can be really close together but don't need to touch.
3. The small petals layer over the large and they require careful placement as they do need to touch. They should just butt up against each other.
That's about all you need to know. If there are any questions, give me an email.
The new layer cake pattern should be available soon. I will be doing a giveaway when it is, so check back.


  1. Love this block as well...I was actually going to e-mail you and ask about the layer cake pattern since I know the fabric is out now! Looking forward to it!

  2. Great block. Still got 2 pineapples to do first.

  3. That's a pretty block!

  4. This is my favorite block, Dawn. Thanks for doing this for us!
    Billie =-)

  5. Thank you so much! Love these blocks