Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Block 6 Hospitality Okay ladies, here is block 6. It consists of 4 little pineapples, the symbol of hospitality. There are only 2 templates for this block. I have been getting emails about placement on some of the blocks, so here are a couple of hints.
*remember your block is on point
*fold and crease your block on the horizontal and vertical
*position each pineapple so that the point at the bottom is close to center and the edges of the leafy part are close to your fold lines. The bottom will not be all the way to the center or they will overlap.
*the leaf template has a dotted line for lining up the fruit piece.
Happy Quilting! Don't forget to post your block photos and check out the Quilt Mash Up link on the sidebar.
There seems to be some confusion over the templates. The green leafy part is one template. You stitch it down and then layer the gold fruit piece on top and stitch it down.
Also, if you are a no-reply blogger, I am unable to answer you personally.
Hope this helps, if not email me.


  1. Thanks, Dawn! The Hospitality block should compliment the others very nicely.
    Thanks and good luck with your move. I hope you enjoy your new sewing room!
    Billie in MD =-)

  2. Thank you Dawn. The block is lovely! Enjoy your new room!

  3. Looks like I finished the last one in the nick of time. Thanks Dawn!

  4. VERU CUTE! Enjoy your sewing room! HAPPY QUILTING!

  5. could someone please tell me where i put the leaf template. the picture didn't come out to clear on my computer thank you

  6. What a beautiful block. I just came across your blog. You do lovely work. Do you mind me adding you to my blogroll?

  7. I just found your blog and just started this BOM. It is SO much fun! I'm glad I started late...I have lots of blocks to make! Thank you so very much for sharing your talents with us.

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