Thursday, May 19, 2011

Market, Market

I have been a little lax in posting. I am super tired and blogger has been giving me some problems. I don't have nearly as many pics as I did at Fall Market. Let me tell you, there is a big difference in attending Market when your publisher does all the work and having your own booth. You are pretty much tied to the booth and it is hard to get out and get pictures. Luckily, friends stopped by to visit. This is Sherri from A Quilting Life. This is the first time we met other than online. Jacquelynne Steves of the Noble Wife stopped by as did Sheri Howard and Pat Sloan. So nice to see all of them.

I made a trip to the KC Star booth of course. That being my home base so to speak. They always have a lovely display.

I had to make a stop at Primitive Quilts and Projects. This is Judy and Jenny.

We have worked together on the magazine via email, phone and me shipping quilts but had never met in person. It is so nice to meet people in person. It is also nice to see how much you all are loving the magazine.

Another friend who I had never met in person is Gail Pan.

Gail is super sweet. She is from Australia and has the most lovely quilts and projects. It was alot of work and a lot of fun. I will be back tomorrow with the photos of all things Moda. Off to teach a class.

Happy Quilting, Dawn


  1. Oh I enjoyed your photos! It is so nice of you all to post these great pics for us folks who couldn't go.
    I'll bet you could use a good nap!

  2. Thank you for the posting you have done. I'm sure it's very difficult to get away from your booth!!

  3. I didn't even think about how tied to your booth you must have I feel bad I didn't offer to watch it for you for a least so you could go get lunch or something! And I'm also wondering about the pattern for the spools quilt in your booth...keep thinking about that one--it was just so gorgeous!

  4. Hey Dawn! Thanks for the photos since I wasn't best thing! I hope you had much success!!

  5. Thanks for the pictures...and the new patterns now listed on the blog.

  6. It was great seeing you there Dawn!
    It really is different having a booth isn't it? This time the tables were turned- you had a booth and I was a "free woman"! ha ha
    See you in Houston??