Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Minneapolis- Land of the Lost

So spring Quilt Market was held in Minneapolis this year. I originally didn't plan to go to spring market. I had released a new book and 7 new patterns at fall market so I didn't think I would release new patterns for spring. Well, there were some major behind the scenes changes going on with some companies I work with and a couple of magazines that I needed to touch base with so, off we went. The photo above is of the conference center, it is huge. The downtown of Minneapolis has a skywalk system so you can travel the downtown out of the weather. This is not a new concept to me, they have a similar system in Des Moines. However, for some reason we had the hardest time keeping our sense of direction. We got turned around the first day of market and walked 3 blocks the wrong way, just making it to the convention center in time for opening and then couldn't find the stupid car at the end of the day! We parked outside for the remainder of the market and all was well.
So for this market I released 8 patterns, these designs are Christmas/Winter or Fall patterns.
Depending on your color choices, three of them could definitely be used all year round. It was a busy market and I didn't get out to take photos this time so you are stuck with just photos of my stuff. I am uploading the patterns to the online store today. 
This is Belle Mead- great stash buster. I leaned toward fall colors but you could make it work for anytime of the year. 
Cider Barn- cotton appl. with a bit of wool and velvet.
Horrible pic. of Fa La La La La prior to quilting. This is wool app. and the pattern will be ready next week.
Frolic- cotton applique and super easy piecing. Also a great stashbuster.
Laidley- good anytime of the year.
Rowan- this is a super easy way to make a compass style quilt. Applique 4 sizes of triangles. 
Star of Wonder- wool applique and easy piecing.
Winter Garden- cotton applique
So that's what I have been working on. My deadlines are a bit more relaxed for now so I am going to make a strong effort to post here every Tuesday. So stay tuned.
Happy Quilting,


  1. All your new designs are great! The compass quilt is my favorite. Like you, I had the hardest time with their skywalk system. We had to walk four or fives blocks to get to the Market hall...so confusing.

  2. Your new designs are lovely. I've never experienced a skywalk system but I do feel for ya. I usually do well finding my way but once I enter the parking lot. Well, that's when I get lost. lol